Hope becomes Queen Frostine for the day…


Snapshot_002 (5)

 As I get older I realize, how much I don’t care for the winter months.  I used to love everything that came with it, like the pretty white snow, and I surely didn’t mind the bitter cold and wearing layers of clothing.  Since the new year swept by, I have been wanting to express how much it has affected my mood lately.  I don’t know how accurate meteorologists are most times, but according to the news we are expecting some snow today.  Grrr to that news.  What the winter months bring out in me, after the holidays, is isolation, bitterness, and I just freeze over.


So as a result, I find myself spending more time indoors, and just trying to avoid the whole existence of the bitter cold here in New York. I decided to get on Second Life, and make the most out of it, and more appealing for me, before it is gone. With the cold months I don’t feel like I am as attractive, as I usually am in the warmer months. I know my skin feels driest, my lips, skin, and hair, need constant moisturizing during this time of the year. So what I am trying to convey, is that I don’t feel like the pampered, Queen that I am. As a woman, that is what I strive to feel like, ”A Queen.” So I decided to make myself Queen Frostine on Second Life for the day, just for kicks and appreciate the beauty of a cold environment, because anything is possible in Second Life.

Queen Frostine Sitting on her Throne…with the Look of disgust…lol

Snapshot_001 (7)

On a lighter note, I quite enjoyed the beauty of the glistening palette.  After going through my cluttered inventory was able to find this dress.  It was one of my favorite dresses purchased on sl and not at all new.  I ended up teleporting to the In-World Store to see if the shop still existed.  I was pleased to see that it did, because I am coming back to Second Life, after taking a very long break.  I looked around and they still sold the dress as well, so that was very nice.


Anatomy Nina shape, League Jen Suntan Aqua Skin, Modish Eyebrow Shaper, Sirena Drip White (White-Grey) hair, Brown City Chic Eyes, & Shakeup Addict Lipstick-star

Dress: Glittering Jewel Iceblue by Earth & Sky Design, Nadas New Year Freebie 2010-Sock and Strap Boots, Alienbear’s Dark Queen Rosie Crown White

Alienbear’s Mimmi armbands and bracelets in white, and Alienbear’s Xmas08 Winter Poinsettia necklace and earrings



“I’m not going to freeze under the pressure. I’m hoping I can stand up to it.”

 Carlie Rae Jepsen


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