Hope meets The Arcade!

The time has finally arrived for me to tell you about my experience with this awesome and cool place, known as The Arcade.

the arcade

It all began for me, as a new hope.  Well, my  friend introduced this place to me.  I wasn’t interested in gachas at all.  I wasn’t familiar with the whole gacha  craze in the second life community.  I didn’t expect it to have an impact on me.  The first time there, my friend was trying out, “The Sea hole”  gacha for some skirts.  So I played it too and we kind of traded.  Then she played the Claw tooth Surfer Rosa hairs.  I played it and immediately ended up, with the blueberry pie, which blue is my favorite color in general so I thought I was done.  I ended up going back to try my luck at getting different colors for her, because she hadn’t gotten the ones she really wanted.  

So ye, that was all it took.  Out of pure and simple boredom, I decided to play many of the gachas.  Once I understood the concept I kind of enjoyed collecting the sets.  I became more and more hooked to this place.  It also gave me something to do, because as you all know Second life, can become quite stagnant and boring.  Once I joined The Arcade group, I began trading my extras for things that I needed or wanted.  It was sort of like collecting Beanie Babies or baseball cards, for me.  Same exact feeling.



 Well, I wanted to dedicate a full post to The Arcade, because honestly  I haven’t met such a great group of individuals in all of my time on second life.  It was a fun group of people, too many to name.  This included a few creators, group members, and noob to the gacha scene just like me.  I didn’t even understand what a gacha was.  It wasn’t only about spending lindens on these gachas.  It was much more.  Obtaining things you wanted and the quality of the items offered were a good reason too.  It was a group of people, who were in chat sharing, meeting, and trading.  I have no complaints or regrets of ever meeting The Arcade, except for my surplus of items. 

Along with the collection of virtual items, hair, dolls, furniture, clothes, music boxes, tea sets, make up, poses, lunch boxes, insects, lamps, etc., I am mostly content with meeting the people who I have in associating with the arcade event, including this cool guy known as Archibald lol…


These people have made the arcade a successful event.  The second life consumer, the trader, the chat group, and of course the creators collectively.  Not to mention the creativity that comes along with it all.  I later, joined the Arcade Flickr group and entered their photography contest.  Although I didn’t win, it was a fun thing to partake in.  So many great pictures were shared in that group, that it makes one realize just how awesome second life has become.  Here are a few of the pictures I submitted for the contest.

shweep dreams


This final picture I submitted from the last round is the way I felt with the ending of the March round approaching, titled:

The Arcade Blues.


Well, that is a little about the arcade.  It takes place every three months.   Looking forward to the next round in June which is a month from now.  Cheers!  Hope to see you there.


I’ve been accustomed to being famous and having a certain level of attention for 14 years, but in the last few months, it’s changed. It’s like on the arcade game, I’ve gone up to the next level.
Kylie Minogue 



4 thoughts on “Hope meets The Arcade!

    • Thank you for commenting Nath:-) I am glad to have met you. I look forward to the next round too! It can only get better, I am hoping with this group. So excited, but at the same time wondering what shall we expect of the next round… 🙂

      • hehe ye I can’t wait to see what they have in store for all of us, ye Collabor88 has been delivering awesomeness, thus far…

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