Hope’s Madness continued…

Hi there peeps.

Time has passed on quickly, no more bitter cold and winter months.   “Hooray, to that!”  I tend to let things just build up in my inventory.  Well, I finally had the opportunity to open and start cleaning, and wanted to share some of my purchases.  There was a Whore Couture Fair in Second Life.  While I tried my best to pick up all of the free gifts, and do some window shopping, it was not so easy.

Here is a look I had styled with my visit.  I decided to share it with you, although the event has ended.



Razorblade Jacket wide net 3/4 gloves,

Fatale heels, Femme Fatale outfit,

the Skinnery kate,

Yummy polyex sports watch aqua,

Clawtooth SurferRosa Blueberry Pie, and used:

Props-Grunge by Virtual props and poses photography.


Out of all the items that were presented there, my favorite things were the following by *DivaLicious* creator, Jodie Szapira.

This exclusive item (in my opinion) was so well made and detailed.  It was worth adding to my collection.  There were two different themed luggage sets.  The “whore” and “diva.” Included in each pack were suitcases.  One for rezzing with built-in poses and another you could roll, roll it away.  So along with the irresistible luggage that I couldn’t resist purchasing was the Diva outfit to match.  Here is a picture of the items.


Wearing: Wasabi Pills Betty Mesh hair,

DivaLicious diva tank and skirt,

Slink Mesh hands


Wearing: the Skinnery deelight lipglass teeth 3, the Skinnery Iris, Red Puke Makeup by Olive, Ikon eyes, Sensations choker.

“But a true diva has dismissed that drama. A true diva’s heart is open, and she’s ready to play by her own rules – rules that are gentle and kind.”
~Jenifer Lewis~

There was the MadPea Inca Adventure outfit contest in which I submitted the following image.  I was one of the runner ups.  As a prize I received the HUD for the MadPea Inca Adventure HUD free of charge, which was a sweet deal.

“Art flourishes where there is a sense of adventure.”
Alfred North Whitehead-(British Mathematician and Philosopher, 1861-1947)

Adventure Contest Madpea

Wearing: Expedition Khaki Outfit by: Jessi Windstorm,

Mina hair-Freija,

Ladies Studded Long Boots found at J’s Main shop by JB Gazov,

and the Skinnery Kate Free Love Toffee.

Then there was, ‘THE ARCADE.”

Yes, the highly praised arcade. What a wonderful thing, but that’s a whole different post in and of  itself!  🙂

I will save THE ARCADE,  for another day.

Hugs and Peace!


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