Hope’s Color Challenge-Blue & Coral

The 52 weeks of color challenge has been a fun side activity to take part in, although admittedly, haven’t been consistent, in posting.  Here are two of the looks, I enjoyed putting together.  Mixing and matching is usually what I do, as I go through the inventory clutter.  The first one is the first year’s second color choice of, “blue.”

Year 1, Color No.2-Blue

blue fixed

Passion4Fashion-Blue Corset, Garter, Stocking Set.
SF Design est. 2004-sf design audrey gloves
-Glam Affair- Fiora Antlers Bluette
ezura + Jester Latex Ballerina *Black Tutu (c) ezura Xue
Blue Puke-Rose Olive Doe (naminaeko)
MG – Earrings and necklace all
SLink Ashia Point Ballet Slipper 2.0 Onyx
Essences Thursday 01 *moonlight* brown
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown
TRUTH HAIR Denee – Browns

blue fixed two

I actually enjoyed this look especially since, my favorite color in the spectrum is every shade of blue.

The color, “Coral,”  was the second color of the second year.  Here goes the look I came up with.

Year 2, Color No.2-Coral


Wasabi Pills/ Julia Mesh Hair
::{u.f.o}::shoulder puripuri blouse – coral dot –
Shakeup! Fabric-Flower Ring [Boho Coral]
[theSkinnery] Jourdan-lipstick-Hot Coral
[theSkinnery]Iris-Bare face(mocca)
[the Skinnery] Pwetty teeth
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown
The Sea Hole – Boardwalk (MESH) Skirt – Coral Red
Eyelashes -41- Hollywood *REDGRAVE*
SoG Steaming Cauldron Earrings

Thank you for stopping by.

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

Pablo Picasso


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