“SL10 Birthday Event” A Hopeful Decade

It is just one of those days, where there is just so much going on.  Such things as the SL 10th birthday event.  Its been a decade since the birth of sl, and although I haven’t been in sl for 10 years, it feels like I have been.  With so many changes and upgrades on so many levels, second life has evolved into greatness and still has so much to offer.  I thought it would be a good idea, to volunteer time in Second Life’s Birthday Event this year.  So far, its been a great thing to be a part of.  I have been in attendance and was especially pleased that I personally have not experienced terrible lag.

 I did some Hosting in Bear Island Area on the first day.  It was interesting how many Linden bears have been created since the beginning of sl and saved to share with us.  From the smallest to the greatest, they were all very unique and cool to see.  I decided that I would, as a Hostess, try to pick a different location each day to greet the visitors and offer assistance as needed.  This would allow me to see the places and enjoy the celebrations as much as any other visitor and resident.  I have also learned a lot of new things about sl, that I didn’t already know.

Day No. One:  Bear Island

Bear Island 2

Bear Island

The first day was pretty much full of bears literally, you can still pick up your sl birthday celebration items, one which is a free Birthday Bear avatar in the marketplace:

Day 2 & 3:  The Corral

What is the Newbie Corral?

Well, in the beginning of sl, it was the primary location where new residents would arrive for the first time upon logging into Second life.  In other words the Welcome Area.  I spent some of day two and three  in this area.  This is one of the designated, welcome areas for the SL10’s birthday.  This is a picture of direction sign, found by the Corral.


Along this area you will find the History walk and Avatar Central as well.

avatar central

Day 4:  Time Capsules

Residents are invited to come up with a time capsule idea for this year 2013.


Sounds like  a great thing to take part in!  Good Luck to all the participants.

The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday.”  Paris Hilton 

Of course nothing completes a party without awesome music,  good friends and dancing!  Joined Tikicca and Elena for some dancing in the Nuclear Power plant  locations:

No Longer Exist.

awesome stage 2

awesome stage 3

Thank you Second-Life peeps, Governor Linden, Linden Labs, for an awesome 3 almost 4 years you have given me on SL.  It has  been an a special journey. We celebrate you from  June 16-29 of 2013.

awesome stage


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