Hope’s Steampunk at Sea Level

I have loved Curio Obscura for a long time, and am thoroughly impressed with her steam-punk rendition of mermaid gear.  There is an outfit available in the Expo, and a great Ao, which is called, Curio Obscura – Mermaid Child-Size Animation Set.  The Movements are very nice and somewhat mechanical, but in a mermaid kind of way.  I love the crawl hand walk.:-)  Goes great with her rendition of steam punk Mermaid outfit, which fits adult and child size avatars.

Curio 8

Curio 1


Curio Obscura-Articulated Steampunk Mermaid Outfit-tail, you can also find the Easy Animation Override HUD with Mermaid Child-Size Animations

Friendly tentacle from the wall is fun thing to own too!

Not in the expo-

 TRUTH HAIR Leighton – Browns

Essences – Thursday *phosphorescent*


6 thoughts on “Hope’s Steampunk at Sea Level

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