Hope’s Under Sea adventure..

Yesterday, I had the pleasure in joining the undersea fun.  With early access I was able to enjoy the beauty of the Undersea sim.  It was such a relaxing day that you sort of just went with the flow of things.  The Under the Sea Expo had such a realistic feel to it.  You actually felt like you were submerged.  I had to take pictures. It wouldn’t be fun without doing so, because it was just so wonderful to be there.  Here are some pictures I shared on Flickr…



So yesterday as I swam looking ever so lag-tastically beautiful, I  joined all the undersea forces in the fun pearl hunting of my own.  We had to look for the following:


This is  where you can begin your quest:

(Location doesn’t exist anymore)

I also really liked this Luna Sea outfit in one of my favorite shades of blue/Azure 😀  Here is the first outfit  I put together yesterday for the perfect occasion.

Luna Sea Sitting

Wearing the following items found in the Expo:

=LunaSea= Azure – top-sand dollars, flexi tails, & mesh tail Combo, and the tops come in different styles which are: shell, sand dollars, and starfish:

(Location no longer exists – This event has ended)

BF Naga eye makeup – teal

House of Rain: Abyssal collar and cuffs in- apatite/silver

House of Rain:  Bring On the Dancing Horses silver hunt ed. L

both can be found here:

(Location no longer exists – This event has ended)

Not in the expo and pictured are:

Wasabi hair-Lory Mesh Hair – Chocolate

Skin: Essences-Wednesday II – MAGENTIC GB

This is the same look, in raw shots and played with different makeup colors and eye styles:


I never really paid much attention to eyes and makeup, up until a friend of mine shared a link the other day, of an eye blogger.  So as soon as I saw the Naga makeup and the eyes in the HoR, I told her I would try to incorporate it in my blog.  Here goes what I came up with:

Pictured here is the following:

Beautiful Freak: Naga Makeups in: Blue Above and on the side panels from top to bottom, are:  white, gruesome gold, teal, fuchsia, and orange and used BF’s blind eyes (ghost).

Naga Make up Fixed

As a result of finding these, I know am planning to use eyes in my styling more often. 🙂

Here is a set of  mesh eyes I purchased.  They are the Chloral set.

eyes 2

the colors are: afflicted olive, curse blue, goblin green, vicious violet, and wicked royal from:

Beautiful Freak.

These can all be found in the Expo.

I hope you enjoyed reading and leave you with this fun photo as I get dragged and grabbed by a tentacle from Curio Obscura.



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