More, More, Under the Sea Expo for You…

Hello beautiful peeps.  My magic word of the day is definitely, “More.”  In Second life and at least for me it seems, I can never have too much. We always want more and more.  Whether it be more for i.e. hair, clothes, make up, shoes, there always seems to be the possibility of I want “MORE”  in second life.  So yes, I can’t get enough of the things available in the Expo.

Here is this look that was pretty fun to put together.


The outfit consists of the following from the Expo:

Mermaid yellow outfit by=-Fior di Perle Skins & Clothes

BF Chloral Eyes – goblin green

and because you can never get too much of anything, I used the following antlers which I have too many to mention by Half deer.  I was so thrilled about being surrounded by a circus of fish, I thought these were ideal.  I finally had the urge to use the antlers and felt like I could just tame the ocean’s fish, so I became the fish tamer:

These things are not from the expo:


-Glam Affair- Colorful Eyeliner=Sand/Black

Hair-Clawtooth: Gold Lion – Uptown brown

+Half-Deer+ Eternum Antlers (Circus)

Under the Sea Expo 2

I will continue this post, with more…and yes, if you were ever into the breeding scene in second life, then you know what I mean.

In the Expo you will find the following vendors with beautiful displays of their creations: KittyCats, Bands of Cypher, Amaretto and Oceania Breedables.

(Oceania Breedables…which is sponsor for this beautiful event, and I am anxiously waiting on their official breedables release), but we can never get enough of their plushies.

1-Oceania Breedables- Somewhere in the depths of the ocean lurks what Second Life has been waiting for–living, breeding sea life!  Whether you are an avid player of breedable games, or simply wish to customize your home ocean with amazing, realistic mesh creatures, Oceania will have something for you!  Beginning with Black Tip Reef Sharks, players will be able to unlock a large variety of sea life–from sharks, mammals and more! Coming Soon…

Oceania is the Sponsor for this event, and have a wonderful Shark plushie awaiting for you Under the Sea here:

Under the sea expo 3

Featured in my pictures are the following:

2.Wearing NDiver’s Blue Wet Suit and Scuba gear: you can get yours here they are truly amazingly realistic:

3.Riding on a dolphin was pretty sweet, I haven’t been able to enjoy it in real life, but I can here on secondlife.:0)  I was impressed with how realistic the sea creatures looked, they are by the CETOLOGICAL MUSEUM

4-Bands of Cypher is a popular fantasy based game. Open portals to another dimension and rescue adorable ‘Nether beings’ from a collapsing world.

The secret is in the art of opening the portal. It is an engaging puzzle but once you learn the ways to open the portal, an adorable Yumi may appear in your world.
♥ If you love adorable pets and addicting puzzles, you will love this game! ♥

you can get more information and yours today in the expo in this location:

Come get your Adorable Free Gift at the Bands of Cypher sim at :

Whether you are a current player or an interested player, the free gift will make you smile 🙂

5.Amaretto Breedables-

and last, but not least

6. KittyCats!, it was so great watching that display, very cute to see!

I hope you all take time to check out The Under the Sea Expo, as well as try out the hunt.  I think you will enjoy it very much!

Under the Sea Expo


5 thoughts on “More, More, Under the Sea Expo for You…

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  3. Yay! Another awesome Hope post!! I love your blog so much!! Thank you for such great writing and detail about the expo, and for sharing another round of amazing photographs with us!! xoxoxo

    ❤ Cortez

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