Hope’s musings…


When it comes to second life photography and blogging, I think about things way too much!  I am sure some of my friends have realized and noticed it, quite a bit.

 Like for i.e: how it will be viewed, and whether or not others will like it, or even take the time to read it.  I want to do so much, but have so little time to do so.  With real life responsibilities of course, it kind of becomes a rush in time, to actually take on projects.  I spend more time thinking and worrying about being judged and I don’t fully enjoy what I am doing because I spend much of my time over analyzing things.

What I am trying to say, is that I over think things probably more than I necessarily should.  Well, I was able to think through this look, and I didn’t get to take the pictures of these dresses the way that I desired to.  I just spent most my day in and out of both worlds.  Here goes a beautiful dress from The muses which is one of the wonderful vendors of the Under the Sea Expo, that I just couldn’t resist, taking pictures of.


I finally settled with using this prop from FantaSea:  Log On hunt gift; which can also be found in the Expo along with other great pose items.  It is a fun prop to use and became handy as I finally ran out of patience, with my original idea of how I wanted to portray this dress, in the expo, the living the Fanta Sea props can be found at:



The dress comes in the following colors: silver, teal, green, blue, wine, red and purple.  It can also be found in the expo just use the following slurl:

Location doesn’t exist.

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”
– Swedish Proverb

Things I used in the pics from the expo are:

the muses . Siren . Red . blue, purple, silver, green, teal, & wine

prop from FantaSea:  Log On

BF Siren lipstick – seawitch

HoR Abyssal collar –  apatite/black

meadowWorks- Under Sea FX ~ Seabed Sanctuary

AQP Jaelen Patch from Aquatics

Botanical Kelp Forest and Underwater Rocks Diorama

HoR Bring On the Dancing Horses necklace  –  rose quartz/gold

Things I used that aren’t in the expo are:

Slink Natural Barefeet

*BOOM* Nature’s Crown (scarlet, teal, rare denim mix, peaches & cream, pale, rare 50 shades of gray, rare lana mix

TRUTH HAIRs; Joey, Jolie, Noemi, Florence

^;^CaTwA^;^ HairBases-EyeMakeUp/

*Perception* Fishy Necklace — Gold/Ruby, Silver/Emerald, Gold/Sapphire, Gold/Emerald,

[theSkinnery]Poppi-Love Bites(toffee), Anais-Bewitched(toffee) ,

D.A – Anime Eyes – Posessed

*Farouche*New Bright Roman Brown, blue, green,  Darkmauve, pink,

Shakeup – Addict Lipstick – CyberMauve, living death, chili,

BF Thorny – both – cyan

Wasabi Pills/ Selene Mesh Hair, Giselle Mesh Hair

Now I leave you with a song,

“remember not to pee in the sea, or you’ll end up polluting the water, and leaving a big shadowy impression.”

Just for fun:-)

I hope you enjoyed reading.


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