Hope’s: Fish and Feet

Hi there, as many of you already know the expo will be ending today at 9pm slt.  This is your final chance to check out the Expo, in its beautiful entirety.  You also have a chance to pick up some very nice Under the Sea Expo items from the treasure hunt and awesome vendors.

The thought of mermaids wanting feet, or swimming out of the depths, onto land and having feet, is interesting.  So, in this post I am going to post some pictures with cool fashion from :{MV }: that I really liked.  I purchased the  mesh sandals themed Sakura, in the Expo.

Little Mermaid, The – 1973 Movie Quotes “ wanna see, wanna see em dancing, walkin around on those, what do you call them again….oh yeah ..feet”

Here is a picture of all the 6 styles and they are unrigged mesh, come with a hud, for skin and nail adjustments.


I also liked:{MV}: Memoirs Tunic in Ruby and Turquoise, but other colors are available.

collage Mv.jpg


from the Expo-

:{MV}: Memoirs Tunic Ruby and Turquoise

:{MV}: Mesh Sandals-Sakura

Fiore di perle-Tattoo-Seahorse heart tattoo

Pose Props-Fanta Sea-drift

meadowWorks fish and all photos taken in The Undersea Expo sim

BF-Chloral eyes curse blue

Not in the expo-

poses used-Behavior body

[theSkinnery]Poppi-Love Bites(toffee)



:{MV}: Death Maiden Mergown-Toxic & :{MV}: Atlantis Mergown  Thalassa

=LunaSea= Azure – top-shells

Fiore di perle-Tattoo-Seahorse heart tattoo

BF-Chloral eyes curse blue

not in expo above:

**TWA**Modifiable Pasties


[theSkinnery]Poppi-Love Bites(toffee)

Shakeup – Addict Lipstick – Living Death


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