Hope 希望 for Japan


I have been wanting to dedicate some time to some favorite things in second life of mine.  There are quite a few, but lately I have been drawn to something and I don’t know why.  I don’t think its coincidence.  I have always loved Japan, its food, and I have a very good friend Misse, who lives there.  Although we lost contact, we’ve remained good friends, but you know how that goes in sl sometimes.  She and I have been reconnected, and she invites me to her shows at Club image alongside Setsuna Hirano, and her other friends.  I will always be thankful for her friendship.  They have a show on Sundays at 6AM SLT, 🙂 you should stop by sometime.


burlesque poster6

“It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive disenchanted.”Japanese Proverbs

There have been several other friends, such as Misse.  Croon, whom I have met along the way, she is great.  She continuously introduces me to places, people and things.  Which is sweet and I appreciate her!  I love exploring places on sl, and I think I met someone who loves exploring different places more than I do.  I know I can rely on her.  As a result of hanging out with these friends,  I have been falling in love with Japan and its Kimonos all over again.  Going on right now, is an event which Croon teleported me to, which I would like to share with you today, it lasts until July 31st.


There are many great vendors in this Kimonoichi Summer Event:  Naminoke, Fuubutsu-Dou, EXiA, –Umi Usagi–Tomoto, B@R, MotiAme, Crystal Line, Sakka’s Studio, ~SSS~, ::kokoro::, Nonko, -IrodorI- kisetsu, *1mm*kimono,**:..Silvery K.:*

You should stop by and take a look.  Here is your taxi:


You can find kimonos like these pictured below and other things:




The Kimono above is [FD] Yukata- Linen -Pink Blossoms- by Nya Alchemi- my sweet friend

The hair clip,*N*KANZASHI CANDY#5-can be found playing a gacha by NAMINOKE

The rest isn’t found at this event:

[theSkinnery] Iris Mocca

Eaters Coma-Hair 8

*Farouche*New Bright Roman Pink

MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow Stunning

slink: hands and getas

AO-by Tuty’s Geisha


“There are no national frontiers to learning.” 
Japanese Proverbs



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