Hope, getting jiggy with the slime-

All these things and what to do with them?   All these friends/contacts, where are they, and what to do with them?  Well lately, I question the true meaning of friendships and sincerity, along with the many hoarded items, that I have never even taken out of boxes or used.  Life can get rather dull and boring.  Like yesterday, for example-for me, but enough of that kind of talk.  I was bored and decided that I have enough items, to express this view and play with.  So when, the world feels like slime, and people leave a bad taste in your mouth, what do you make?  Whats the true slime-aid?  Well, I decided a slimey based photo will definitely do and just have fun with your own space and the clutter in your inventory.


These items were made for our enjoyment and I know the creators, would love to see that.  So I decided to enjoy these things.  Even if I thought I didn’t look so hopeful, and it is SL afterall, as a dear friend pointed out.   Yes, there are probably more outrageous things to see.  This look was a not so, “me” look, but it was entirely how I felt.  Disgusted, with so many things.  With nothing to do on sl, I pretty much went to Tableau, and snapped these.  It is a happy place for me.  Could be the music stream, or the palette of colors I am surrounded with.  I don’t know, but it definitely is a great sim and cheers me up!



“When you get SLIME, you just need to SMILE.”-Lovely HOPE Leissa


So, I figured out that,

“when the world, gets gooey, slimey, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth-just give the world slime back, and enjoy the people and things, that you can make an amazing Nickelodeon party with…and just have fun!”

-Lovely Hope Leissa


+HUHU+ Mesh Hope Ring
.: cheveux:.hair
::dmb:: Hairbase
erratic / triangle stacked bangles
[theSkinnery]Iris-Drow skin
[theSkinnery]Pencil brows-sensual
[theSkinnery]Slink Yellow Min Finger nails Applier HUD
[DDL] Hope (Floral- headphones
[ glow ] studioNeonish Glasses
MG – Belt – Fashion Rocker
Ohmai Emporium: Every Flavored Bean (Slime)
The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates – Black Neon
(fd) Crew Crop – Slime
(fd) Skater Skirt – Neon Green
Shakeup – Addict Lipstick – Punk Black
Slink Mesh Hands
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown

Thank you for reading:-) and remember to get jiggy with it!!!  Enjoy your day!



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