Hope’s Landing…

As we almost arrive to our final destination within the Boats & Bikini Expo, there is a little information, in which I’d like to share with you.  The landing point to the Expo is at the following slurl:


If you are wanting to start the hunt first you should go to the tourist office and begin there, this is the direct slurl, and the object you look for is a piece of lost luggage:



Please make sure to wear very low scripted attachments, or as few as possible.  This will help with lag, and make your arrival  and stay enjoyable.

Once again there will be shops from the following vendors:

Ampersand Photography

Aphrodite Shop

beach street
Bliensen + MaiTai
Chez Moi
Dead Dollz
Fior Di Perle
Indyra Originals
JP Collection Yachts
LISP Bazaar
Little House of Curios
Luas Store
Oceania Breedables
Southern Seas Ships
Star Fashion

And so much more…!!!


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