~Hopes and Paddle-boats~

As I wandered around, I enjoyed the port/dock, and the ships in the center of the main landing point.  Among the shops I happened to notice a huge Cruise Ship.

 This caught my eye instantly, along with all the rezzed ships.  Despite the grandeur of the Cruise ship, I focused on the itty bitty paddle boat.

I took the time and tried out the Demo-paddle boat, that was rezzed there.  It was very cool and even gives out a hud for you to operate the boat and use.

This is a 5 prim mesh paddle boat by JP’s Collections & Yachts.

Pictured below, is my avatar sitting and paddling with the canopy down on the left and the canopy is up on the right.  The hud was pretty simple to use and a great feature.

marina collage. jpg

Here is a photo of the boat on the demo-ready for you try out.


The demo of this paddle boat can be found in the following slurl


I should also add that it is a 2 seater, but can also be controlled by a single person.  This boat is a hunt gift from JP’s Collections & Yachts

 Wearing the following and not found in the expo are:

Marina outfit in blue.:.*{ S.G }*.:.  SeVered GarDeN

Rosy mood MESH hair / Day lily found in the Hair Fair

Slink Mesh Hand Elegant

Glam Affair – Summer – Jamaica

IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown

As well as the paddle boat, there are many other great items: yachts, cruise ships, etc., that you can check out and purchase for your second life.

JP Collections & Yachts are wonderful and fun, check them out or go on marketplace and find other things there:-)


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