Hope’s Friendly Reminder #1

Hello Lovelies!  Today, is a new day and yay!  Don’t know if any of you have plans this weekend, here is a reminder of something to do, if you haven’t already.  The Boats & Bikinis Expo is currently running until July 31,2013.  I hope you will take the time and check it out.  They have a hunt going on as well.  There are many great vendors to suit your  second life needs or wants.  Which reminds me, if you are looking for bikinis or swimwear there are lots including these by :{MV}:-These are only some you may want to add to your summer wardrobe along with some towels.  We should never forget to grab our beach towels and just in case you do, here is just a friendly reminder to  grab some, while you’re there.  In the photos below I am showcasing :{MV}: and a towel by Unrepentant=[UN] Beach Towel – Dolphin RARE. Yes, they have one of my favorite things in their shop, “GACHAS.” 😀  Here is a link to the shop for towels and other items

There are different choices to play for 50L:

Top Row= (RARES)=Dolphin, Sunset, Koi

Bottom Row=(Commons)=Hibiscus, Bamboo, Bandana, Ocean Waves, & Sailor’s Love

The towels have 5 animation=2 lounging animations & 3 sand surf animations

[UN] Beach Towels

“Men more frequently require to be reminded than informed.” 

― Samuel JohnsonThe Rambler

:{MV}: clothes pictured below can be found using this link

In the Photo below, wearing:

:{MV}: Bettie Suit Prussian also found in the Expo:


Not in the Expo the following:

MINA Hair – Laura- found in Hair Fair

::: B@R ::: Free Silver Necklace & Bangles

Slink Ilena Sandals Standard Brown, Slink Natural Barefeet, and Elegant hands

*Farouche*New Bright Roman Blue

Glam Affair – Cassiopea – India


:{MV}: Cookini Peach Bikini


Not in the Expo the following:

IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown

Glam Affair – Cassiopea – India

Slink Natural Barefeet, and Elegant hands

*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (White) RT-and-(pattern black) LT

MINA Hair – Laura

and the final look wearing:

:{MV}: Lovelace Suit Lavender Push


Exile::Counting Stars Natural Fusion-available in the Hair Fair

[[SHADE THRONE]] THE SUMMER BABE sunglasses (gunmetal)

Slink Natural Barefeet, and Elegant hands

*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet *BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Teal) RT and (Lilac) LFT

Glam Affair – Cassiopea – India

IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown

Shabby Cat-khaki flip flop

other gachas from: Unrepentant=[UN]=P.S. just a friendly reminder 🙂



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