My Happy Place

Good morning peeps.  So yesterday, I kept telling myself I need to work on a post.”  Then I kept getting sidetracked, as I am sure many of you tend to do regularly.  I am that kind of a person.  I usually am a good planner, but somehow spontaneity gets the best of me sadly.  Well that is one of the reasons I hadn’t posted anything.  As well as some unpleasant news coming my way.  That in itself, is another story to be told.  So as I have the ideas for a photo running through my mind, I had finally taken the snapshots, but it was already into the next day for me.  Which was upsetting, because that wasn’t what I had intended.

It felt as if I had wasted my day just thinking about all the negative things that could go wrong.  My avatar was logged on most of the time away from computer just standing among all the stuff, blanked out.  So between setting up the furniture which was originally going to be set for outdoors I finally decided “hey, I can set up a happy place indoors.”  I realized that we can’t always please others and that I need to let go of whatever negative things were happening that day and move on.  I had to find a happy place in SL and IM’d a dear friend, who helped me understand things and I value her opinion.  So I rezzed and arranged a couple of otters and other things for the photo I am about to share with you.  I had finally returned to my happy state.


At the end of the day and in my case the beginning of today, we should find our very “own” happy place within.  We should learn to be comfortable with ourselves freely and not let other peoples opinions about us, or judgement bring us down.

“As hope enlarges happiness, fear aggravates calamity.”
Johnson: Rambler #29 (June 26, 1750)

My happy place.jpg

As old as I am in real life, you would think I had this all figured out, but no.  I am human with imperfections, and deserve to learn from my imperfections.   So, as this is supposed to be a post showcasing the happy things you can find in, The Boats & Bikinis Expo, I am moving on. 🙂

Some of the items I used above can be found in the Expo.  The boating Kittycats!  is a hunt gift by Kittycats breedables.  As a reminder, the hunt is still going on through tomorrow. So you still have plenty of time try it out and visit the beautiful sim.  .:CHEZ MOI:., has some fabulous furnishings as well as hunt gift.   They have very nice indoor and outdoor furniture and decor.  I used  .:CHEZ MOI:.Rustic Chaises,  the Bench Surf, which was the hunt gift, the  Boat Bottle, and the which hangs over the mantle.  The decorative miniature lighthouse (blue) is by: [][] bs [][]( Beach Street).  This decor and more can all be found in The Boats & Bikinis Expo 🙂  

There are also, some very nice swimwear.  The swimwear below is by: Dead Dollz.


It is called, Marina.  It is mesh and comes in the following colors: Black, Red, Pink, and Blue.  You can also own one if you participate in the hunt, as it is a gift.

Not found in the Expo are the following:

Rosy mood MESH hair / Honey Dipper (copper)

Glam Affair – Summer – Jamaica

[mock]Fruitilicious Gloss [Rose Gumdrops] [lip 0]

*Farouche*New Bright Roman Brown

and used the following for scenery:

d-lab-Mermaid sit  blue & pink, !O: Sea Otters, [ARIA] Oolong Teacup Planter Iris- Cream, Schadenfreude Green Hula Lamp, and Trompe Loeil – Rustic Cabin (Materials Enabled)

DD collage

“Find Your Happy Place.”  “There’s only a negative thought or negative action that separates you from your happy place.  Within each of us is a happy place… A place where you can find peace, tranquility and harmony. A place that holds the positive living that you were meant to live.You were not meant to wallow in negativity, to fall short of your own expectations or the expectations of your family, or to fail to live up to your unique talents and abilities.You were given this life to live fully and in your happy place.  Practice everyday to find and live in your happy place. Once you get there, live it fully everyday and continue to practice it everyday.  Then you’ll not only empower yourself to live a whole life, but you may one day be an inspiration to your family or someone close.  Got Happiness?”  

~J. Charest

This post is dedicated to my good friend, who took the time out to listen.  🙂  

Enjoy your day everyone.  I hope you truly find your happy place as well- in all places & worlds.



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