Wonderful World of hopes and memories…

Hello, to all you lovely peeps.  Its been a while…I have been a bit busy as most of you have been, I am sure.  I have realized today, how precious life and time is.  Especially, with the passing of the wonderful lady, known throughout SL as: Squinternet Larnia, (Giulia), Donna Flora.  I have only come to learn about her, and her works, through a friend of mine, Veruca Monday, who gave me a gift of a pair of Donna Flora earrings.  She wanted to introduce me to Donna Flora’s wonderful in-world shop a couple of months ago.  Here is a the slurl to her current shop.  Thank you Veruca, for introducing me to the wonderful creations of Donna Flora.

“Where hope would otherwise become hopelessness, it becomes faith.” ~Robert Brault

 I was amazed, at how much lovely jewelry and overall fashion products for sl, she had created.  I can only assume that she must have spent countless hours on SL creating so many lovely things.  You can tell she enjoyed making them for us.  Her creations,  have added wonder, and timeless treasures to our Second Lives.  That is so much more than one could ever ask for.  Some of you probably own a lot of the things she made and began your own special Donna Flora collections.  I was saddened to hear about her passing today, as most of you are , I suppose.


I didn’t know her personally, but one thing I do know about her, is that she had Hope and Faith.  It is very encouraging to know that she was a true fighter, and loved life.  This is a wake up call to me, that time waits for no one.  So I just want to say to you friends, that we should keep collecting those “very real,” second life experiences and do the things that we enjoy so, so, much and never lose hope.  Let us value those we do come to interact with or just pass by in this virtual world on a daily basis.  My heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to all of her family and friends.  I am sure she will be missed by the Second Life community, including those who have only recently come to learn about her, and how lovely she was.  Peace be with you all and may you all live your first and second life to the fullest, just like Squinternet Larnia did!



*Donna Flora* Faith bronze Dress

DF Oldwest earrings onix

Hair= Exile::Just a Reason: Natural Fusion 2

[theSkinnery]Iris-Casual makeup(mocca)

Slink Elegant hands

IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown

*Epic* Sparkle Flutterfly Trails!

GizzA – Electra Set [White] & Beige Bracelet

Pose-*FN* Red Rose worn=Paying Respects Pose



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