Oceania Breedables Presents: Cherry Hill Mines

Hello friends!  It has been over a month since, I thought about posting something.  I have been keeping busy in other things, for now.  I just wanted to share that Oceania Breedables, is having an event.   It begins today, October 15th, and will run through November 1st.  You can expect to find some super fun stores with Halloween things.  If you do the quest, there are some cool new plushies to add to your collection too!  Woot!  

Oceania Breedables Presents_ Cherry Hill Mines

Oceania Breedables is excited to bring you a thrilling, chilling, spooktacular haunted adventure! Experience the terror of Cherry Hill Mines October 15th – November 1st! Follow the Halloween Quest for awesome free prizes from Oceania Breedables, take a live tour and explore the shock and horror of all that Cherry Hill Mines has to offer! Plus, check out our Haunted Market with awesome Halloween items from:

Oceania Breedables
Curio Obscura
//elephante poses//
[ free bird ]
Larnia Kids
Little Closet
Poor Boys Kid Clothes
Shape Lift

Enter at your own risk……..

Grand opening: 3pm SLT October 15th.
Learn more: cherryhillmines.wordpress.com

We Hope to see you all there today…

Oceania Breedables_ Cherry Hill Welcome




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