Hope floats…

Here I go.


So today’s Monday Meme, was per request, by Winter Jefferson for the lovely Strawberry Singh.  She has been going through things and could use some “love,” and support.  First, I would like to share and embed this little video in which I shared with a very special friend of mine only days ago as she too, is going through a difficult time. 😦  This is a part of a movie that I think about, I hope it will help you during this very difficult time, and remind you, just how special you are Ms. Berry.



Take a few moments on your blogs or chosen social media to tell us about a time you faced your own personal nadir.  When were you at your lowest point? How did you pull through and triumph to become the dazzling specimen of humanity you are today? When you reached out… who was there to help you back up again?

What gave you hope?

For me personally, going through the loss of my mother in 2005, was the time when I was stuck in a rut.  I think I can still see and feel the repercussions of losing her in my life.  As far as hope it’s where I learned to become a bit stronger and always hope.  Although not too long ago, I did experience a sort of loss, emotionally and on a more professional level.  I did hit my hopeless point over and over again, but I have awesome friends.  They have helped me through it all.  You are blessed to be surrounded with such friends too.  I only had a handful of friends to help me cope recently and are still helping me at this very moment.  I thank you my friends.  When you read this you will know who you are!

The photo above is supposed to be my interpretation of HOPE floats.  To me it means, that even when it seems hope has left your side, it doesn’t mean that it leaves us forever,  but only temporarily.  It will come around once again, if you let it, because it is inside of each and everyone of us.  It is a select few that help us get through the pain and sorrow, as we open up ourselves and begin to hope again.  I wish you all the best and anyone else that is going through a difficult time.  Big hugs as well.  I have come to the conclusion that hugs are medicinal to the soul.


Clothes:  Zaara  ZC : Vayu  *dust*

Hair .:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN*

Props-HOPE wearable floating cloud, can be purchased in Marketplace:


IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown

Slink Mesh Hands & Feet

Skin-*League* Jen Suntan Olive

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstein



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