Although I participated and joined the ranks of awesome sl residents in creating a selfie card for Vanessa Blaylock’s challenge, I didn’t blog or add any information regarding this event.  I was caught up with rl holidays and I joined last minute as she had cards to spare. (my apologies Vanessa 😦 – )  Interested sl residents created their version of a card.  I ended up with the King of Hearts.  For there was no Queen left.  So, I tried to incorporate masculinity of my avi.  I am not very masculine js. 😛  But, I put on a tat – mustache, some short hair by Shi, and I remembered I had purchased the robe from Devious Minds, awhile back.  The blue version for me, and red for a friend.  So, I went back there to get the red version.  I love that robe.

Anywho, then last minute Vanessa needed some volunteers to do last minute card, I had time to spare, so I also recreated the 9 of diamonds.  I enjoyed taking out some time to do these, as they kept my creative mind open.  If there is something I enjoy about SL, it is the photos people come up with.  So, without further ado, here is my very late post.Card: King of Hearts 15995847826_69b35701fa_o

V A N E S S A B L A Y L O C K / C O M P A N Y
Virtual Public Art.com
For event info & occasional group chat, join VB Friends:


The King of Hearts = !dM deviousMind “Her Majesty” **RUBY**

.Shi Hair : Blown

[Tia] Crown Jewels scepter

[ #7 ] D I S C O V E R Y Mustache Your Lips – black [ C ]

Skin- Will update

Pose-Will update

9 of Diamonds = Elysium

Hair-will update

Pose-will update

Vanessa I.O.U=Will catch up to your other challenges ❤



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