Hope’s Bubble Nest…

I visited,  “The Fantasy Gacha Carnival,” today (yesterday, published later on) and found some great gachas. The {anc Ltd.} gacha is never disappointing.  My favorite thing about this set, were the bubbles on top of the tank, the poses, and detail.  Why?  It reminded me of my (male) betta fish.  He makes bubble-nests whenever he is comfortable, happy, the water quality is just right, and wants a mate. 😛 Too bad for him I am not a fish breeder, but seeing the bubbles he makes, puts a smile on my face.  🙂   Same thing with snapshots when we want to achieve a quality and bubbly image.


Normal no editing or filters on the SL viewer.

Firestorm was not working for me today, constant crashes.  I don’t know if my laptop can handle it anymore.  Much to my surprise I logged on with the official  SL viewer, and I had no crashing whatsoever running it on ultra.  I  was a bit surprised that the SL viewer does not have all wind-light options  that Firestorm does, but it did offer filters.  Which I was happy to play with.  They ranged from auto contrast and others.  I liked this feature very much.  Where have I been?!

These are the 3 different filter effects I used.

  * SL viewer filter used 1970’s No other edit. *


    * SL viewer filter used Intense, no other edit. *

Snapshot_008* SL viewer filter auto-contrast. *



{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:red[B] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:red[A] {anc} fish shop daughters/ antique tank URARE

Stories&Co. by Flowey / Betty Swimsuit – Red (Arcade)

[theSkinnery] Eniko DB 1 (toffee) RARE(Arcade)

Hair= *ARGRACE* HIKARI – Copper

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

*Farouche*New Bright Roman Brown

Clemmm – Dark Chic Circus Lashes

If you’ve never seen a betta fish make a nest, here goes this cool video. 🙂  

Enjoy & Thanks for visiting.<3



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