Hope: Celebrating the 12th Birthday of Second Life!

Wow!  SL is getting older, but better.

Although I have only been around for half of those SL years,  I find Second Life irresistibly special.  So much creativity is found wherever you go.  Our avatars come to life once we log in, Second Life offers us this special platform to build upon and add to this incredible virtual world.  Whatever your contribution is, it matters.

So far, my first day visiting SL12’s birthday event was amazing.   A bit frustrating lol, but amazing.

I accompanied a friend and made my first stop to Astound and tried out Zero Gravity, build by

Arduenn Schwartzman.

Up, Up and away

 Not only was it cool, but it was challenging for me.  It took me hours to get to Pluto. 😛  It was well worth it though, considering the time it would really take to reach Pluto, which is about 5 billion kilometers away from Earth. Lol

You receive a scooter at this location and you must reach Pluto, in order to receive your gift of a helmet.

Mission: Pluto

Pluto SL12B2

My second stop was to Mr. Walton Wainwright’s welcome area build, at the THE STATION.

It was such a great build to walk around and explore.  It is quite an amazing contraption.



Third stop, I visited my dear friend, Wendz’s exhibit.  Titled: The Rooms of My Heart.  Where EACH of her rooms have a unique and special story to convey. Thank you for sharing the rooms of your heart with us Wendz. ❤



I hope you all take time to explore all of the SL12th Birthday Celebration Sims.  I still have many others to explore, this event is huge.  So far, I had an awesome time and yay \o/, I finally made it to Pluto!!!  It took a while, but with persistence you can reach it too!  Have a wonderful time and thank you for reading. 🙂

Any and all information can be found in the SL12B Community Celebration Website.



11 thoughts on “Hope: Celebrating the 12th Birthday of Second Life!

    • Hello Duchess and you’re welcome. Indeed about Pluto LOL. I am so glad you found my blog and visited. I am not so great at keeping it alive, although special moments like my SLB12 adventures & explorations help me want to share the “news.”

  1. Oh my goodness! I haven’t heard of SL. I’m old, I guess. SO old that I remember visiting text-based MUDs in college. Back then, people built their rooms and adventures in green-screen text! The photos you’ve posted here are magical. (: So glad I stopped by for a visit, and thank you for following my blog!

    • Second Life just celebrated its 12th birthday! Yes, I remember those MUDs too. I am happy you stopped by, and you’re welcome! I enjoy knitting by the way! 🙂

      • Oh, yay for knitting! They’re two such different things, knitting and online gaming. Would you call SL gaming? It’s cool you remember those MUDs. I always wished I’d poked about there a little bit more, learned to play them, but I was in college and didn’t have access to a computer except in class. (That was the mid-nineties.)

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