Hope: Life Is Precious…

It is still Friday here, and it has been quite a while since I posted words on this blog.  I wasn’t going to, but changed my mind.  I have tried going around the Second Life universe to catch up with so many, many events. So many, that I haven’t gotten around to most of them yet.  That is frightening to me, as SL time is kind of moving faster than I am used to this past year.  It is also very exciting, because it just shows how much SL is progressing and gives you an unlimited amount of places and things to do and explore.

That is how I feel about Jaimy Hancroft.  Her creations surprise me time and time again.  She created a hearse recently.  Yes, a hearse?!  Can you imagine, who would appreciate that?  Well, I most certainly do.  It shows how she is always thinking out of the box and as sad and depressing as death may be, death is a fact of life.


Note * Not taken at HUMANOID

Believe it or not, it inspired me to write this post.  Life is what you make of it.  Be it, not doing anything at all, we are all contributors in this SL universe.  Whether you create huge sims, or not.  Without the average person, the interesting noob/new resident, the blogger, shopper, explorer, artist.  Without the consumer/currency, it will all just die I think.  The memories, ideas, creations wont die, but all of the progress that has been made, will.  It is all a great big system virtually, as it is in reality.  It all goes hand in hand.

The point of my post today is this dear reader.  Life is precious, or should be looked at in this way.  We are all significant. Seize every bit of hope you can and never take things for granted or life for that matter.  Appreciate and give proper credit when and where it is due.  Don’t take advantage of a situation, just because you feel you can.

The awesomely done hearse in my image is by Jaimy Hancroft and can be found in her main-store DRD.

One of my favorite events each year is the Hair Fair.  Don’t forget to visit.  It helps raise funds to provide wigs for children. This was one of my favorite hairs I purchased by Tableau Vivant.  It popped out at me (BUY ME).   And I most certainly did! Especially for a good cause, like kids. 🙂
Hair Fair

Taken in HuMaNoiD

Friends and having places to explore is what keeps me excited to log on.  Special fundraisers too.

Can’t forget the shopping. 😀

HuMaNoiD is back with us, what a wonderful Resurrection.  Visiting there was appropriate I think. Go Visit!


Full Credits for photos below, thanks for reading ❤

DRD vintage funeral hearse carriage -available in main-store

Hearse Features: 15 LI, modifiable/ you can copy, 100 animations, texture change HUD for fabric and curtains.

Tableau Vivant // Scarlett hair / w/ribbon (Found in the Blonde Sim) Hair Fair 2015
:V.e. Hand Me Down Ballet Dress Heather –~uber~ Monthly Event
[theSkinnery] Leigh 7 (toffee)
[theSkinnery] Maple eye – Autumn
Essences – Hangover Eyeliner
Essences – Hangover Lipstick 03
.Identity. -Hypnose tattoo -available Suicide Dollz
{anc} cotton bunny. sugar (group) available Wayward Carnival
lassitude & ennui Selene mesh boots black
maitreya mesh body
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass, and other variety
*Pillow talk* daisy sit 2



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