Flower Power- Hair Fair 2015 Second Life

Hello everyone!  This weekend we don’t get tasks for Blogging 201.  So I guess I will write about Second Life a bit.  The Hair Fair is an event which takes place in Second Life.  It is organized by a wonderful group of people and it is the 10th one!  The Hair Fair raises funds for the Wigs for Kids organization every year.

Yes!  Although it is based in a virtual world, a lot of planning goes into this very special event.  It began on July 11th and ends tomorrow July 26th, at 12pm SLT.  They sell so many different styles of hairs from different creators.  The styles and amounts of linden (currency) that go towards this fundraiser vary by each creator.  It is so cool the way they have the sims (land) divided, with names like brunette, blonde, noirette, and red head.  So you get to use the teleport system to get into each one and shop!  I managed to pick up some bandannas.  Two of which, I am sharing with you today.  🙂  These were two of my favorite bandannas.  Why?  Well the power in the flower of course.  These bandannas were very uplifting to see.  So you see?  Second Life is a special place, and we have Bandanna day too!

Flower Power

When I saw them I thought they were so lovely and bright.  Flowers can brighten up any room and heart.  They can be used in so many ways.  In one of my past posts, I spoke a little bit about “life,” and it being precious.  Well friends, I hope that these images somehow make you smile.  We are all similar to flowers.  Unique. Can you imagine life in the form of a flower?  Its life is precious and delicate too.  Every time I read or hear the word, kindergarten, flowers come to mind.  A garden.  And children.  Both are delicate and need attention, love, and care to grow.  So this event helps raise funds for many beautiful and delicate children by providing them with wigs.  The platform used to raise this money is our virtual world, “Second Life.”

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” Ladybird Johnson

Hair Fair

Don’t forget that it ends on the 26th folks, so if you haven’t been there yet, these are the final hours to visit. 🙂

For more information on Hair Fair 2015 in Second Life you can read more using the following link: Hair Fair 2015.

I am adding the following video which I loved and I thought it was appropriate. All credits are below the video.


Credits for 1st image:
Boudicca Amat – orchid – 2015 Bandanna – Hair Fair 2015
:[P]:- Astrali Skin[Toned-Down]:// Aegaeon- Skin (The Plastik)
:[P]:- Astrali Eyeshadow:// Oro (The Plastik)
[Azuchi] Suma – Dress – (Shiny Shabby)
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown
8f8 – Driftwood Decorative GRASS Ripe
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:white[A]
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:red[B]

Credits for 2nd image:
Boudicca Amat – violet – 2015 Bandanna – Hair Fair 2015
Shoulder Beetle by Bryn Oh

Gacha by Bryn Oh-ladybug Blue & Redwood Lady

:[P]:- Astrali Skin[Toned-Down]:// Aegaeon- Skin (The Plastik)
8f8 – Driftwood Decorative GRASS Ripe
HPMD Grass



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