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Hi again.  I am HOPE Leissa.  <—This isn’t my REAL name by the way, but it’s close enough.

(This post was under saved drafts, so I want to publish).

The reason I am here today is, because mainly I love to write.  I love exploring a virtual game, virtual world, virtual reality, in that order.  Although it is considered a virtual game if you google it :D, but if you participate then it can be either a game or a reality. Whichever the individual accepts to identify themselves with, whoever they identify with: the witch, Christian, elf, mermaid, child, dog, bird, etc.  Ultimately we must respect what the user (resident), wants to do with their OWN time on SL.  This is what makes SL great. The fact that you can customize your Second Life experience and build upon it!

You can either participate casually, or on a higher level.  If you want to build, create, live as your character or role-play as one, you can!  I don’t think anyone should try and shove the second life as being “Real” message down anyone’s throat though.  It takes time, and may be hard for newer users or even people that don’t understand to digest.  Second Life can be as “Real” as the user desires or  trivial.  In whichever way the resident wants to define it. It is their OWN, after all.  This is the beauty of Second Life, it has helped people define their own needs and goals of their virtual reality.  It should not be a virtual shakedown, pat down, or frisk of who is REAL or NOT.

Image used from Google.

Second Life

I have wondered why I am blogging publicly often.  I have outgrown the being “Liked,” “Followed,” “Faved” phase, and honestly I enjoy blogging when I can. It is a form of release to share bottled up creativity, thoughts, words.  Word-press gives me the platform to do so, whereas Second Life does it for me in a visual sense.  With imagery and scenes one can either speak or promote.

The reasons why I blog publicly rather than keep a personal journal are, because (for me) it just makes more sense to share.  There might be others (somewhere) out there, who feel the same way I do.  I learned this at a very early age while in school.  The teachers would tell us, “if you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask, because there just might be others who don’t understand the lesson.  By explaining, it will help them too.”

I haven’t written much lately, about anything.  And with Second Life, I have just been relaxing, shopping (too many events to keep up with in fact).  Lots of brainstorming sessions. 😀 Although I wish I could share more things, I keep many things private now and can not open up more.  Unfortunately, there is always someone out there lurking, trying to pounce you, and tear your creativity apart or simply compete. This is NOT how I wish to live my Second Life, I hope that people will respect that when they visit and read this post.

Enjoy YOUR Second Life everyone and make the most of it, if and when you choose to.

Second Life is YOUR virtual space (real or not), you can choose to accept or eliminate the elements and the pieces in your playground.

This is something called, customization and you have options.

I recommend people to join Second Life.  It can be a wonderful, fruitful journey! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Topic: For Real

  1. Wonderful post, HOPE! I think you just stated it all so beautifully. There should be no SL police telling you how to play your game or live your fantasy or dream. SL is many different things to many different people. Like you, I blog for the creative outlet and writing exercise. This is such a refreshing, from the heart post in a sea of fashion posts. You’re inspiring me to add some posts of my thoughts on SL experiences to the pretty places tours, short stories, and bargain finding posts I usually do. I’ve actually been thinking about doing so, mulling it over for the past week, and for some reason not doing it. But I enjoyed this post so much, it is helping me to find the courage to just go for it. Thank you for that 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I usually keep things bottled up inside. Sometimes takes forever to get myself to post anything. I am so happy this post touched you in an encouraging way. Best regards, Pretty Flower… I look forward in reading more from you. 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment, it is uplifting. We could all use a little hope and feedback.

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