Topic: A Small Winter’s View


Yesterday, I wrote a bit about a wonderful event, which is taking place as we speak.  Today is the last day, so you don’t want to miss out and visit the creativity from the Second Life community.  36 residents had the opportunity to share their renditions of “Great Things Come In Small Packages.”

From an earlier group notice:

Hi Burners, the 10am SLT Burn was fantastic, great fun. Danger cleaned up and reset everything so it’s all ready to go for tonight at 6pm SLT. Meanwhile we have other stuff to remind you about.

6pm – last BURN
8pm – Lamplighters walk-off to Village – Meet up with us at 7:30pm SLT at the stage!


I for one, am one of those residents.  I only meshed up some eggs, egg shells, and bows in the Blender.  Now I mentioned yesterday that I pushed myself to learn Blender so quickly.   As most of you know creating 3-d content is rather challenging.

There was the creation of these eggs for my build.  I decided that neither one was a bad egg.  They were both good eggs.  I would use them both.  Basically the first egg was high land impact, which people would technically consider a very bad egg.  The second one, was a less primmier egg.  I stuck with the plan.

“Tis hatched and shall be so”― William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew

Now you may consider the less primmier egg to be the good egg, but the fact of the matter is this.  I couldn’t add all the awesome sparkle scripts to the less primmier egg, because of the way it was created.  Whereas, with the first one I was able to do so.   I was able to add those “great” sparkles into the primmier egg.

I decided to incorporate both eggs, as a symbol of packaging. The cracked eggshells are symbols of birth and introduction to the great world and the environment.  As well as the climate change with the duck migration.  My build has multiple meanings.  Well to me at least.  It’s all scrambled in this little big egg noggin of mine. 😀 There is now an egg grading system within Second Life which is disappointing.

My scene at Santalarity.  A Small Winter’s View.

A-Small-Winter's-ViewI personally don’t think it is right to judge things or people by using the good or bad egg grading system.  For me to ostracize one of the eggs, because it is primmier, would have been a waste of time.  So never judge an egg by its outer shell, but by its inner yolk (the sparkles).

They are both great looking eggs and unique.  My build is named, “A Small Winter’s View.”  Why?  Well, because it is like a bird’s eye view of a bigger picture and takes place in a snow filled (Central) park.  The eggs are huge to give the feeling that we are great, yet small!  Especially when we move our avatars near the build.  Anyway enough of the boiled eggs, come out and see them for yourselves. 😛

These are a few pictures taken yesterday at Burn2 Santalarity.

The Lamp Lighters Opening Silent procession:


Burn 2 friends





The Stage at Santalarity – Burn 2



I used the following for my scene:

Hayabusa Design Birch Tree M15-1 v1-2 PS8 T1
Pampas grass1 Lilith Heart
Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Ducky – Winter
Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Ducky – Night
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass04 – ivy2a
::BB:: Wizarding Frogs and Toad Lily pad A
(2prims B) HPMD* Snowy Big Leaf
[Tia] Love Doves Birdbath -BBOX
::BB:: Wizarding Frogs and Toad Lily
*Shai* Christmas Santa Hat
::BB:: Wizarding River Toad
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass04 – ivy1a
HPMD* wire grass – green b

Hope first Mesh Egg (Yellow) (Original Mesh)

Hope first Mesh Egg (RED) (Original Mesh)

Hope’s First Bow (Original Mesh)

Hope’s Central Park Egg Xmas (Original Mesh)

Hope’s broken egg bottom (Original Mesh)
Hope’s broken egg top (Original Mesh)


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