The Second Annual Tour Of Lights – Happening Now!

Hello and I hope everyone is doing well. ūüôā

Thank you for taking the time out to read this post today. Santalarity has officially ended, but  as far as Second Life is concerned, there are still lots of activities to participate in during this holiday season.

If you’re wondering what’s happening in SL, one is “The Second Annual Tour Of Lights.” Which is presented by [free bird]. ¬†I visited many of the locations of the tour. Here are some of them.


The way it works is that you teleport to your first stop, which is Free Bird’s Main Store. ¬†Each location has a sign with two arrows. ¬†The blue one is for information about the location or home and the other (a green one) is to direct you to your next destination.

Once you click it, you will receive a location (SLURL ) to teleport to in local chat.  You will get a different location at each location you visit, by simply clicking the green arrow with NEXT STOP on it and the following location will be posted in your local chat.

I hope you will take the time out and explore Second Life in this truly deLIGHTful way.

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The Second Annual Tour Of Lights-SL

Hello Second Life and dear readers ūüôā

I blogged a bit about the Burn 2- Santalarity event in my last post. ¬†By the way, it is still open for public viewing so you don’t want to miss seeing all of the wonderful displays before they all disappear.

As for me, I haven’t been blogging (MUCH) officially, but I have been wanting to. ¬†Free bird is a truly inspirational group of people and have been time and time again. ¬†This event tickled my heart and I thought it would be a great contribution for them from me. ¬† So I applied to blog and give this event some well deserved coverage.

Second Life has been aspiring to bring folks together. ¬†Events like this one by [free bird], do just that! ¬†Where it isn’t all about the spending. ūüėõ ¬†It is about the social aspect and community.

This festive event will take place within our virtual world today, 12/18/2015 at  6PM SLT.


You can get a hold of your friends or come alone.   These 50 avatars (people) have taken the time and decked up their homes and land with lots of love and LIGHTS.  The Guided tour will begin on the  [free bird] sim.

You can follow and share images of this beautiful Tour on Tour Of Lights by [free bird] Flickr too. ūüôā

Topic: A Small Winter’s View


Yesterday, I wrote a bit about a wonderful event, which is taking place as we speak. ¬†Today is the last day, so you don’t want to miss out and visit the creativity from the Second Life community. ¬†36 residents had the opportunity to share their renditions of “Great Things Come In Small Packages.”

From an earlier group notice:

Hi Burners, the 10am SLT Burn was fantastic, great fun. Danger cleaned up and reset everything so it’s all ready to go for tonight at 6pm SLT. Meanwhile we have other stuff to remind you about.

6pm – last BURN
8pm – Lamplighters walk-off to Village – Meet up with us at 7:30pm SLT at the stage!

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Topic: Santalarity is Coming to town!


Hello dear readers,

I will begin this post by first, inviting you all to the Burn2 Santalarity Event, which begins today! ¬†That’s ¬†right, today. ūüôā ¬† It will run throughout the weekend. ¬†So don’t miss out on this wintry Second Life event.

Like a fable borne upon a mist of time, a magical, mysterious transformation is wrought upon the ancient dry lake bed we know as the playa. When the mist clears you see an alpine wonderland of mountains, hills and valleys.

Oh, but that is not all! As you draw in for a closer look, you notice something incredible: everything is small in size. You are surrounded by miniature villages and diminutive trains, with LIlliputian creatures and beings populating the scene. But don’t let their small sizes fool you – things are rarely as they appear.

Great Things Come in Small Packages.

There will be many great activities, builds to see, music, and snowball fights. Fun!


And guess who signed up? ¬†Moi. ūüôā ¬†I am so pleased that I did sign up, because as a result, I pushed myself to learn how to use the dreaded BLENDER. ¬†I stuck with things that would be easier for me to try, as steps and milestones. Then there was light, and the conception of my primmy mesh egg. ¬†¬†Well not exactly in that order, but my build consists of eggs. ūüėÄ

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Topic: Fixer Upper

In less than a week the current round of Arcade ends!  You still have a chance to play the DRD gacha machine, as well as many other great ones.  This set, I was kind of stuck trying to figure out how I wanted to photograph it.  It is amazing.


I don’t know how many of you have had the privilege to go around looking to buy your first home in your lifetime, ¬†but there is always a reason those homes are on the market. One of the reasons could be, because it is foreclosed. ¬†Many homes today need lots and lots of fixing. ¬†They are total fixer uppers!

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Topic: For Real


Hi again. ¬†I am HOPE Leissa. ¬†<—This isn’t my REAL name by the way, but it’s close enough.

(This post was under saved drafts, so I want to publish).

The reason I am here today is, because mainly I love to write.  I love exploring a virtual game, virtual world, virtual reality, in that order.  Although it is considered a virtual game if you google it :D, but if you participate then it can be either a game or a reality. Whichever the individual accepts to identify themselves with, whoever they identify with: the witch, Christian, elf, mermaid, child, dog, bird, etc.  Ultimately we must respect what the user (resident), wants to do with their OWN time on SL.  This is what makes SL great. The fact that you can customize your Second Life experience and build upon it!

You can either participate casually, or on a higher level. ¬†If you want to build, create, live as your character or role-play as one, you can! ¬†I don’t think anyone should try and shove the second life as being “Real” message down anyone’s throat though. ¬†It takes time, and may be hard for newer users or even people that don’t understand to digest. ¬†Second Life can be as “Real” as the user desires or ¬†trivial. ¬†In whichever way the resident wants to define it. It is their OWN, after all. ¬†This is the beauty of Second Life, it has helped people define their own needs and goals of their virtual reality. ¬†It should not be a virtual shakedown, pat down, or frisk of who is REAL or NOT.

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Flower Power- Hair Fair 2015 Second Life

Hello everyone! ¬†This weekend we don’t get tasks for Blogging 201. ¬†So I guess I will write about Second Life a bit. ¬†The Hair Fair is an event which takes place in Second Life. ¬†It is organized by a wonderful group of people and it is the 10th one! ¬†The Hair Fair raises funds for the Wigs for Kids organization every year.

Yes! ¬†Although it is based in a virtual world, a lot of planning goes into this very special event. ¬†It began on July 11th and ends tomorrow July 26th, at 12pm SLT. ¬†They sell so many different styles of hairs from different creators. ¬†The styles and amounts of linden (currency) that go towards this fundraiser vary by each creator. ¬†It is so cool the way they have the sims (land) divided, with names like brunette, blonde, noirette, and red head. ¬†So you get to use the teleport system to get into each one and shop! ¬†I managed to pick up some bandannas. ¬†Two of which, I am sharing with you today. ¬†ūüôā ¬†These were two of my favorite bandannas. ¬†Why? ¬†Well the power in the flower of course. ¬†These bandannas were very uplifting to see. ¬†So you see? ¬†Second Life is a special place, and we have Bandanna day too!

Flower Power

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