Blogging 101, Round Up! Been there & done that :)

Hello fellow bloggers.  Blogging 101 is great, because it helped me develop my blog a bit more.  Taking my personal blog, onto another level.  I haven’t quite mastered it yet, but I have definitely received a better response.  I have been taking the Blogging 101, and played with different themes as suggested.  I tried a couple of different themes, but it became more of a hassle, having to set up my menus and widgets all over again.  Since I took blogging 201, I have kind of settled with my current theme.  And I like it.  Also, worked on my about me page during 201 so I didn’t want to fix what isn’t broken. 🙂

theme 1 visual

I have been having such  a wonderful summer, how about you?  Well I hope you have too, because I celebrated an awesome 15th year Wedding Anniversary recently, and if that isn’t a bit of mastery or requires skill, just ask the married people out there. 😛  Or anyone in a relationship.  I also celebrated two birthdays, one in July and one in August.  I have been busy planning many exciting things, in many areas, that aren’t ONLY related to Second Life.  All in the works. The fact that I have learned so many different skills, helps me become more of an asset.  This is why I am encouraging you all, to keep striving.  If writing is your platform, why can’t you be an illustrator?  Learn other things.

Bring it!

Just as I expected the Jaguar (life, fish) tried to climb the tree and pounce on me.  This is my message of encouragement for today dear readers.  Learn as many things as you possibly can.  It is better to be a jack of all trades than a so called, master of only one thing or NONE at all.  As I described myself in MY “about me,” post.

Bring it! 2

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