Searching for Hope: Blogging 201 Days 6, 7, & Beyond. It’s a wrap!

These tasks sure did pop up rather quickly on my reader.  For our 6th task, we were supposed to join other social media sites.  In the past I had a Facebook account related to Second Life, but I do not want one at this time.  I am refraining from social media sites other than twitter and Flickr.  I might register for others when I can manage this blog better.  So for now, it is just WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, me, and us!

We also had to set up an event, or join one.  Unfortunately I haven’t quite decided which ones I am interested in at this time.  I would like to wrap up my blogging 201, knowing that I have gotten further in organizing and reaching more goals for this blog. And if you haven’t noticed, “I now I have menus.” 😛  I also have a clearer picture of what I want to achieve with my blog.  It is definitely a much more hopeful blog, than it once was.  I have learned and opened up a bit more than I expected, given a larger audience.  I appreciate each and everyone who visited during this learning process.  I have been a bit overwhelmed with many things going on in the home-front and so haven’t been able to commit FULLY 100%, as I anticipated, my apologies for that.  I ask that you, dear reader, bear with me.

I would like to share my final blogging 201 post by sharing some photos which I wanted to share a week ago.  They are photos of the Manhattan henge.  Why am I sharing these at this time, you ask?  Well, it was a beautiful sight, although there were mostly clouds on both days.  It just shows that even when you plan on getting a magnificent photo/or a perfect glimpse, at the end of the day things happen that are sometimes beyond our control.  In this case both days the clouds were in the way and I had no control over it, even-though I was there on time, had a wonderful location, was well equipped, and prepared, some things are just beyond our control, naturally. This is the way that life is.  Even still, I was able to enjoy this time and place.

With having a family, and it being summertime, I am not going to beat myself up about not joining other social media sites, or blogging enough.  Or logging onto Second Life enough lately.  I hope you will all understand. I want this blog to move along at my speed.  I wish you all continued success with your blogs and just want to remind you all not to beat yourselves up, if you miss a blog or two (or many).  Enjoy your time in whichever way your day leads you!

Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have.

John C. Maxwell

Collage Manhattan Henge

Taken with my Iphone  on the first and second day, July 12th and July 13th 2015.  More clouds on the 13th.

I will be Wrapping up 201 with this short vid, a post with a quote, and will be moving onto Blogging101(a bit late), but hey that’s life. 🙂

Happy Blogging everyone, as long as you find time there is always room for improvement!

Blogging U.



Searching for Hope: Blogging 201 Day 5

Day Five: Making the Most of Your Archives

Today’s assignment: integrate a feature to draw traffic to your older content like a widget, related posts, or a “Best of” page.

I have integrated more widgets like the archives widgets.  I have also added an image in my about me page. I still need to work on the menus, today has been quite busy for me, because it was my son’s birthday. 🙂

I am also sharing my very first (non virtual world/game related) original image taken with my iPhone of a lovely tree stump I ran into today (Friday).


I think it shows how even after a tree has been chopped down, the remainder of it can still be used for some kind of good and improvement.  It is the way I feel about this blog and just LIFE itself.  Self improvement is always possible and will make your blogging experience easier.  Especially with proper guidance, tools, careful planning and a support system.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln 

 I guess I am currently sharpening my axe. 🙂

Blogging U.


Searching for Hope: Blogging 201 Day 4


Today’s Task is to Give ‘Em What They Want!

(But what if you’re like me and are not sure you know what readers REALLY like about your posts?)

Today’s task is to review my almost hopeful blog “stats,” which will help me learn about what readers like about my blog.

MOST POPULAR DAY Tuesday 32% of views

Thank you for reading! ❤

Blogging U.


Searching for Hope-Blogging 201 Day 3


Haha, oh my.  Some of you may have noticed my post of today’s task published.  Well it wasn’t quite done, apparently my mobile WordPress app had been set to publish immediately.  I didn’t want it published immediately, but it is ok!  Sorry for the mix up.

So today’s task is Day Three: Get Read All Over.

I had to make sure, my theme design had a responsive design to work with different devices.  So having a responsive theme for mobile, tablets, and desktop.

By the looks of it, my blog’s theme has a readability feature.  So that works, here is the image of how it looked to me from my mobile device.  Mobile friendly. 🙂 So done with today’s task yay!


Thank you for reading! ❤

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Searching for Hope-Blogging 201 Day 2

HPMDHello!  Today’s task is very important to me.  We get to audit one another’s blog.  Fun! 😀  I am copy pasting the checklist which made it easier for me to examine my blog’s overall brand.

Step One Checklist:

  • My blog’s title used to be Little bits of hope…bits which was supposed to be indicating bits in not only sharing parts, but also the binary aspect.  The meaning of bits:   A bit (short for binary digit), is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A bit has a single binary value, either 0 or 1. Although computers usually provide instructions that can test and manipulate bits, they generally are designed to store data and execute instructions in bit multiples called bytes.  I kind of wanted my blog to go hand in hand with the fact, that I am mostly using it, as a way to share my connection to virtual worlds.  This blog was mainly a testing ground for me to share information with others and make my time worthwhile, while gaming, or using any other computer based environments.  I googled Little bits of hope, and saw other blogs appearing with the same name, so I just decided to let go of the name.  Their blog had more of a purpose than mine.  Hope’s playground & bits…was  my second blog name.  After not keeping up with the posts,  I decided that instead of deleting it, I would just keep this name and move all the posts over to Little bits of hope, and consolidate to one blog and just try to revive it.  Being now officially, Hope’s playground & bits.  So yes, there was much thought in naming my blog.  Hope’s playground & bits gives it more of a playful ring to it, being a gamer-girl, as well as active participant in a virtual world.  Keeping the bits as parts; as well as binary aspect.

  • Tagline I use, I just really like it.  Someday I truly believe 4/5 people will find hope when visiting my blog.  I always add a xoxo’s (personal touch), as a way to show my gratitude to anyone who has visited, follower or not.

  • Widgets, I really couldn’t understand them fully.  Just yesterday, I added the twitter widget.  I don’t use many social media sites at the moment.  I am trying to focus mainly on improving my blog as well as images.  I added the Flickr widget a while ago. I don’t use Facebook any more. 🙂

  • I mostly share things about the virtual community I am a part of, Second-Life.  So the images are usually a variety of snapshots from that  Virtual environment.  I am planning to expand my blog to feature other virtual worlds and games at some point, as well as locations found in my actual living environment.  I want to be able to attract not only residents/online users of Second Life, but also people who aren’t registered users.  I just love people in general!

  • I am not sure, if I’ve used any images that counter my brand. If you notice, I sometimes add credits to each post when I can.  This is, because Second life is a global community based in Second Life .  Many people/online users are content creators. Everything from the avatar, hairs, eyes, fashion (clothing), environment, etc., are created by the residents/people in Second Life.  So I try my best to add the name of the creator or store found in-world (Second Life).  

  • I am not sure if it carries through, just always hoping it peaks someone’s interest at some point.


Step Two:

Find someone to audit your page.

  • I didn’t receive much advice on changing or adding anything, if anyone would like to leave any suggestions please feel free to do so.

  • I received positive feedback only.

  • People enjoyed my images.

  • They thought my blog was good, because it was an easy read.

  • People thought the theme style, header was nice and the font was just right.

  • Adding the widget for Top Posts and Pages was suggested as well.


Step Three:

Although I made several additions to my blog, I am going to be adding a direct email, and update my gravatar.  I added the widget for top posts.


Thank you for reading! ❤

Blogging U.


Searching for Hope: Blogging 201 Day 1


I registered for WordPress’s Blogging 201, yay!  I can honestly admit, I wasn’t expecting to be accepted when I registered. While I haven’t been able to blog regularly, I feel as if my blog is not very interesting.  Although I do care about followers, I would love to improve and get more feedback regarding the content of my blog.  I tend to doubt myself and put writing off.  I would love to one day have a HOPEFUL blog.  I would definitely invest in a better design, if my blog was more provocative.

The reasons I blog are:

  1. It allows me to share my creativity with a larger audience and to inspire others.

  2. It helps me share and open up to others, about things that I find interesting in both virtual reality, games, and life in general.

Day 1’s task is to Set 3 Goals


  1. I would like anyone to be interested, it isn’t exclusively for people who are involved in virtual communities.  Just as long as they are interested or curious.

  2. Increase readership, not necessarily followers.

  3. Increase posts per week, to at the very least 2/week.

Thank you for reading! ❤

Blogging U.