Searching for Hope: Blogging 201 Day 1


I registered for WordPress’s Blogging 201, yay!  I can honestly admit, I wasn’t expecting to be accepted when I registered. While I haven’t been able to blog regularly, I feel as if my blog is not very interesting.  Although I do care about followers, I would love to improve and get more feedback regarding the content of my blog.  I tend to doubt myself and put writing off.  I would love to one day have a HOPEFUL blog.  I would definitely invest in a better design, if my blog was more provocative.

The reasons I blog are:

  1. It allows me to share my creativity with a larger audience and to inspire others.

  2. It helps me share and open up to others, about things that I find interesting in both virtual reality, games, and life in general.

Day 1’s task is to Set 3 Goals


  1. I would like anyone to be interested, it isn’t exclusively for people who are involved in virtual communities.  Just as long as they are interested or curious.

  2. Increase readership, not necessarily followers.

  3. Increase posts per week, to at the very least 2/week.

Thank you for reading! ❤

Blogging U.



14 thoughts on “Searching for Hope: Blogging 201 Day 1

  1. Leissa, This is wonderful. And you doubt your abilities.
    Honestly, I do to. I share and I share a lot. My fear is everyone will think I don’t know how to write well. And it is true. I really don’t, any more.
    I use to be an A Major. English. Grammer. Not spelling but I was better than I am now. Thank heaven for check spell.
    I have migraines. Bad ones sometimes. For 2 years in the mid 90’s I had them for MOST of that two years. BAD. Screaming. In the hospital . BAD.
    I lost a lost of memory and skills.
    It is easy for me to put words down.What’s hard is they aren’t the one’s I want to write.
    I love your photos. I haven’t learned how or where to create them like you have.
    You are way ahead of me.
    Have a great rest of the day.

    • I am glad I have met you on here. You are doing great so far. I think we have to let go of what people will think and just write from the heart. More than likely, others feel doubtful too. Also, the imagery you see are pictures of my avatar. I am a part of Second Life virtual world. It is a wonderful community and there is much to see and do. Enjoy the rest of your day too. ❤

  2. Hello 🙂 I am crazy about this pic on day one of Blogging 201. Thank you for following me, it’s appreciated. Like how your home is setup like a newspaper column, great design. ❤

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